4 - Identify at least two common additives in gasoline... Ch. Two closely spaced wavelengths of light are incident on a diffraction grating. 4 - 4.75 Oxygen gas was discovered in the 19th century... Ch. 4.40 When iron and steam react at high temperatures, the following reaction takes place: 3 Fe ( s ) + 4 H 2 O ( g ) → Fe 3 O 4 ( s ) + 4 H 2 ( g ) How much iron must react with excess steam to form 897 g of Fe 3 O 4 if the reaction yield is 69%? 4 - 4.19 How many metric tons of carbon are required... Ch. 4 - 4.18 A gas is either CH4, or C2H6. Orange sparks and black solid formed. Bromination reaction it is, catalyzed by the iron fillings. If you iron a lot, our steam generating irons can create considerably more steam than your average iron, for quicker and more efficient ironing when working through a big pile of clothes. 4 Rise in temperature measured. Discuss briefly the difference between an orbit (as described by Bohr for hydrogen) and an orbital (as describe... 33. 4 - One way of determining blood alcohol levels is by... Ch. 4 - 4.99 Chromium metal is found in ores as an oxide,... Ch. $\endgroup$ – user28106 Apr 6 '16 at 14:35 1 $\begingroup$ Regarding whether or not Fe3O4 is a compound, it surely is as stated by MaxW and Ivan Neretin. This reaction probably requires a catalyst and/or very high temperatures or pressures. 4 - 4.103 Bismuth selenide, Bi2Se3, is used in... Ch. 4 - 4.12 In petroleum refining, hydrocarbons are often... Ch. 4 - 4.111 Aluminum metal reacts with sulfuric acid to... Ch. 4 - 4.81 Blood alcohol levels are usually reported in... Ch. The iron filings will line up to to illustrate the ‘field lines’ of the magnetic field of the magnet 2) Making Rust: There are a number of experiments listed out there where you add vinegar to iron filings to show how it oxidizes and makes rust. 4 - 4.11 MTBE, C5H12O, is one of the additives that... Ch. (a) Starting with Equation 37.7,... 4.40 When iron and steam react at high temperatures, the following reaction takes place: 3 Fe ( s ) + 4 H 2 O ( g ) → Fe 3 O ­ 4 ( s ) + 4 H 2 ( g ) How much iron must react with excess steam to form 897 g of Fe 3 O 4 if the reaction yield is 69%? 4 - 4.65 Using the web, find out how lead “poisons”... Ch. 4 - 4.54 What is the molarity of a solution of nitric... Ch. 4 - 4.62 Offer an explanation as to how oxygenated... Ch. ) 4 - For the following reactions, write the ratios that... Ch. Importan aspect of reaction: the ring gets brominated, not the methyl group. Describe the structure of skeletal muscles and their antagonistic actions. 4 - 4.29 When Al(OH)3 reacts with sulfuric acid, the... Ch. A trait is adaptive if it _______. Metals and nonmetals class 10 Question 4. 4 - 4.108 Elemental analysis is sometimes carried out... Ch. It was not very impressive and the temperature change was very small and diffucult to read accurately in our thermometers. 2 4 - 4.45 If 21 g of H2S is mixed with 38 g of O2 and... Ch. If fine sulfur powder is mixed with iron filings, it is difficult to obtain a consistent mix, because the two solids can separate. 3 4 - 4.58 A student dissolves 17.3 g of a mixture of... Ch. It reacts with steam when its passed over iron to form ferrous oxide or ferric oxide i.e. a. 4 - 4.21 Ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3, will decompose... Ch. REFLECT AND APPLY You are studying with a friend who is describing the Bohr effect. 2. HOW DO U BALANCE THE EQUATION!?? ( 4 - 4.15 What mass of the unknown compound is formed... Ch. How much solid iron is needed to obtained 405 grams of iron(vi) peroxide, with a 84.2% yield? Aims In this 4 - 4.53 What volume, in milliliters, of 0.512 M NaOH... Ch. 4 - 4.13 For the following reactions, determine the... Ch. The interconversion of unsaturated ketones described in Problem 22-26 is also catalyzed by base. 4 - Calculate the amounts of reactants needed in a... Ch. g magnesium + steam → magnesium oxide + hydrogen Mg(s) + H 2 O(g) → MgO(s) + H 2 (g) Metals which react with steam form the solid metal oxide and hydrogen gas. 4 - 4.24 Ammonia gas can be prepared by the reaction... Ch. 4 - 4.78 In this chapter, we used a simplified... Ch. ( The reaction is highly exothermic generating enough heat/energy to proceed without further heating. The skewer has a pointed end, so handle with care. 4 - 4.89 Calcium carbonate (limestone, CaCO3)... Ch. 4 - 4.42 Sulfur hexafluoride is a very stable gas... Ch. ). …, e of nitrogen. 4 - 4.10 How many moles of oxygen can be obtained by... Ch. From amongst the metals sodium, calcium, aluminium, copper and magnesium, name the metal: (i)Which reacts with water only on boiling, and (ii)Another which does not react even with steam. Do not inhale or ingest the filings. 4 - 4.59 Aluminum dissolves in HCI according to the... Ch. A 1.164-g sample of iron filings reacts with chlorine gas to give 3.384g of iron chloride.calculate the empirical formula of the product? How many moles of hydrogen gas are needed to produce 0.359 moles of water. First question: how to make iron fillings? 4 - 4.71 The particulate scale drawing shown depict... Ch. When steam is passed over red-hot iron, iron (II,III) oxide and hydrogen gas are formed. These let you change the steam output or turn it off when ironing delicate fabrics. 4 - 4.101 When heated in air, some element, X, reacts... Ch. Ch. Predict the mass of iron (III) sulfide produced when 3.0 g of iron filings react completely with 2.5 g of yellow sulfur solid, S8(s). Iron fillings were added by the spatula full rather than weight, so 1 spatula, 2 spatula, 3 spatula etc. The reaction produces a single product, which can be isolated and weighed. it continues to burn and forms a compound Y. Identity B in the fallowing sequence ofChatby POCHCHOLOH​. 4 - 4.38 A reaction that produced 4.8 mg of taxol, an... Ch. 4 - 4.20 Assuming a charcoal briquette is composed... Ch. The fission of uranium-235 is used exclusively in nuclear power plants located in the United States. 4 - 4.27 Copper reacts with sulfuric acid according to... Ch. The number of holes in the soleplate can give you The skeletal equation will be. s 4 - 4.9 Sulfur, S8, combines with oxygen at elevated... Ch. Did you know that gold and silver are the most malleable metals? What are the charges on the ions in an ionic compound containing the elements barium and bromine? Sulfur , S(s) – see CLEAPSS Hazcard HC096a . Sodium does not react with kerosene. 4.40 When iron and steam react at high temperatures, the following reaction takes place: 3 Fe