Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers. massey ferguson 135, I have a M.F. GEEBEE: Should be behind the lift pump above the starter stamped in the block: Geoff Gane Hello. 220614 – 267527 1961. The Massey Ferguson 165 tractor was one of the Massey Ferguson 100 series tractors launched in 1964 in the UK. January 31, 2018 Tractor Data Tractor Serial Numbers 0. hi,can you tell me the details of massey ferguson 135 tractor with serial no is made in england and sent to india.please give the details. Back for sale due to time wasters. Richard. The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor was manufactured by Massey Ferguson. Sharon Shores. 1965 101-30282. So if you can’t see a number just take a look at the shape. What's your Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Number? Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers « Vintage Massey Ferguson 135 .com. Serial number TO 133813 with a Z129 continental engine should be a 1954 TO 30, if I. 3 pt. Rear Three Point Hitch: Yes. Serial # is SGW641019890. For example the Massey Ferguson 40 is one of the industrial versions MF produced during the period when 200 series ag Read more about MF Military Model Numbers […] Tagged Non-Repair , Serial Numbers I have a MF135 diesel with a Perkins AD3-152 engine and would like to know where to find the engine serial number. Year Serial Numbers. To identify your serial number look on the instrument panel below the steering column. I just learned that my MF TO 20, Serial Number 65508 was built in 1966. £15.00 + P&P . After selecting a category you will find specific Massey Ferguson 135 part names and part numbers. Production began in 1964 and ended in 1975, when it was succeeded by the MF235. Save money with rebuilt and used Massey 135 parts! massey harris, I have a Massie Harris Ferguson made in Coventry by the Standard Motor Company serial number TED433456 supplied by Walter A Wood. Thank you. Could you tell me where and when it was built Find the correct part numbers for the parts your looking for, then return here to search our site for them. Anglo Agriparts stock 1000's of parts for Massey Ferguson tractors, buy parts for your Massey 135 now: How to identify your Perkins Engine to help you use our website. 9226 – 79552 1957. Can you tell me what year it was made? Hello VTE , On the Generator: 1100437-5B-4. Hi, did you find out any further information about your mf 135 serial number, I have found our serial number as …there is a bit of info there. If it is a recent model, chances are that you can still identify the model number … There is a data tag and it has a serial number of FG-21311 on it. The tractor identification plate that has the serial number stamped on is located on the instrument panel, just below the steering wheel. google_ad_width = 300; The Massey Ferguson 135 is one of the most popular tractor and it is well known for vintage and classic enthusiasts. Fuel Type: Gas. Blue seat cushion with grey piping. Massey Ferguson 230. Hours: 3967. Massey Ferguson 135 Gas 2wd with 8" Shafer Post Driver I believe my serial number is stamped on the cowel left hand side underneith the steering wheel which says 5820 with all the patents. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Free Tractor Data for Massey-Ferguson-65. I have not been able to locate what model I have so that I can purchase parts. Stock Number: W17330. In good working order. Tractor Name: Serial Number: Year Made: Plate Location: Ferguson To-20: 1: 1948: Ferguson To-20: 1808: 1949: ... (83) Mahindra (102) MASSEY-FERGUSON (808) MASSEY … To identify your serial number look on the instrument panel below the steering column. The Massey Ferguson 135 ('MF 135) was introduced in 1964 as part of the Massey Ferguson 100 series of world wide tractors to replace the ageing Massey Ferguson 35 that was a updated Ferguson FE-35 design from the 1940s. Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Number Lookup. 1968 93305-117428 Massey Ferguson 135, 1970. Rear PTO: Yes. The Massey Ferguson 135 (MF135) was a tractor produced by Massey Ferguson. Yes I have looked at all the sites ,even went through Every page in th archives on tractor forum . Massey Ferguson 135 (MF135) Tractor Price, Specifications, History, Review, Serial Numbers, Weight, Features & Images. 79553 – 125067 1958. My dad bought this tractor at a auction , he said that it was once used at a golf course , it still has turf tires on it. Some people often get confused between the MF 35 and MF 135, when they really shouldn’t, the MF 135 first of all looks entirely different from the MF 35. Massey Ferguson 135 tractors, serial numbers and data. can you tell me what year it was built and what it is worth. Serial Number: 641010579. It featured a 35hp (26kW) Perkins engine. I have been trying for months (pre xmas 09) to work out year of my mf135 . Transmission Type: Gear Drive. 79553 – 125067 1958. //-->. The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced by the team at MF for 11 years from 1964 to 1975. Drive: 2 WD. 1966 30283-67596. The Massey-Ferguson 35 was built to follow on from the successful Ferguson FE-35 following the name change to Massey Ferguson, formerly Massey-Harris-Ferguson created by the merger in 1953 of Ferguson tractors and Massey-Harris. Massey Ferguson 135 the new model with 8 gears and straight front axle as well as 600 * 19 and 12.4-32 wheel mounting. I live in Australia and have just purchased a MF 135. Everything you need for repair, maintenance and restoration. (Built from Serial no.165596) 1959-1962: MF35X: Tractor with Perkins A3.152 diesel engine. The Massey Ferguson 35 was produced in 1960 -1965. Repainted. 2018 Massey Ferguson 1736 Specs. 1001 – 9225 1956. 9A 26367I serial number we … We publish about one article a week. There is not a plate with a serial number on the front dash. I have a MF135 diesel with a Perkins AD3-152 engine and would like to know where to find the engine serial number. Massey Ferguson: Factory: Detroit, Michigan, USA : Variants: 135 Deluxe: premium: 135 Special: economy: 2135: industrial tractor : Massey Ferguson 135 Special Engines: Continental 2.2L 4-cyl gasoline: ... 135 Special Serial Numbers: Location: Serial number on the instrument panel below the steering column. Serial Number: NA. I'll see if I can find my book with the UK numbers, maybe someone else will have the info too. Massey Ferguson 135 serial numbers. Our inventory of Massey Ferguson 135 tractor parts is always changing. This site uses cookies. FG43278 as written on original purchase invoice but cannot find it stamped on the tractor anywhere. Serial number may also be on the right side of the engine, below the battery tray. Parts ship within 24 hours. On the MF 100 series also 35/TE20 models can I have a photo of the gearbox casting No`s by the gearbox dipstick. 125068 – 171470 1959. I have a ferguson to 20 serial number. 1967 67597-93304. It is stamped on the plate , I have checked with other mf135 owners around my area , they also have 7T3X efore the last numbers , is this an Australian number . Massey Ferguson 165 tractor overview. thanks. 171471 – 220613 1960. Actually , I found the mf135 to have the Most enquiries about serial numbers . Get access to our tractor maintenance series... it's FREE! Bookmark PDF Library. I have MF148 sertial no 603199 M French massey ferguson 135 from 1972 dscf2922 jpg. At the end of the auction, they will be emailed an invoice of with all of their auction purchases, a bid confirmation from auction time is not an invoice or proof of purchase. Massey Ferguson 135 tractor parts. Hi. Our inventory of Massey Ferguson 135 tractor parts is always changing. Massey Ferguson 135 serial numbers. Hi VTE Become a MASTER of tractor maintenance. The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced from 1964 to 1975 and was a successor to the Massey Ferguson 35. £26.95. Get free access to serial number info, paint codes, capacities, weights and more instantly. This information cross references the serial numbers and date / year of manufacture for the Ferguson FE35, Massey Ferguson 35 and Massey Ferguson 35x tractors. Serial Number: 611694. I’m lost and any help would be appreciated! Serial number is 9A106253 the one after 9A looks like a Roman number one. Perfect to keep your tractor running smoothly. Free Tractor Data for Massey-Ferguson-135. If the part you need is not listed online, please call toll-free 877-530-4430. Used MASSEY-FERGUSON 135 For Sale In Southington, Ohio. 135 1976 I think 37111450 I'm very impressed with the performance of this little work horse. Free Tractor Data for Massey-Ferguson-135. I'm curious if 19420 part of the number can tell me if this tractor is a Special, Deluxe, Orchard, or Vineyard model. The first red and grey tractors retained the Ferguson badge on the front of the bonnet and the Ferguson 35 decals along the side of the bonnet. 135 Serial Numbers: Location: Serial number on the instrument panel below the steering column. Drive: 2 WD. However; I am looking at … 1001 – 9225 1956. I need to know what year my messy Ferguson 135 tractor is. I have just bought a MF135 with a serial number FG24196, which was registered 1966 in Finland but obviously built in 1965. After 1953, when Massey merged with Harry Ferguson, the company became Massey-Ferguson. Patrick Richardson. I’ve looked at various web sites and i’ve came across this one and others. Serial Number for MF 231S. Massey Ferguson 135 tractors were fitted with either a 11" or a 12" clutch, depending on the age of the tractor (11" clutch up to serial number 121069). It is a 3 cylinder diesel perkins engine. 1970 141426-162114. massey ferguson, Under the front oil pan, there are numbers: 1412-64 125068 – 171470 1959. The tutorial was filmed with a tractor that had the 11" clutch. 1971 162115-179501. The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced from 1964 to 1978 and is one of the best loved Massey Fergusons tractors. If you could please help me to explain the differences it would be much appreciated! 1971 400001-403517. Used MASSEY-FERGUSON 135 For Sale In Looneyville, West Virginia. Please contact us with any questions. You can change your cookie settings at any time.