Many yrs past and the castle fell into severe disrepair, and so was handed back to the scottish nation. Marianne. William became town mayor of Maitland and all documentation of proof held at Maitland town library. bye for now Robert. Married Daniel Gibson. Gilmore meaning "Gill the Big" w… My paternal grandfather was William Graham Gillmor from Manor Hamilton in Ireland. that is when he started feeling like he had no family, and comes from nothing. Der Clan Gunn führt seine Herkunft auf Gunni, dem Enkel des Wikingers und Helden der Orkneyinga saga Sweyn Asleifsson (um 1115–1171), und dessen Gattin Ragnhild zurück. My side of Gilmour Family migrated to Sydney Australia yr 1847 and yes I found my GGG grandfathers grave. Born around 1811 or 1801? Sailed into Sydney harbour 1847, One child died on route. 308K; Historical Documents79K; Birth, Marriage, and Deaths8K; Military Records 20K; Immigration Records79K; Census and Voter Lists119K; Member Trees. Would the Perthshire location have been Blackford or Auchterarder, by any chance? I was the lucky one to have some yrs with him. Hi rob my name is also robert.morton i am 7th generation gilmour .i am a decendant of james gilmour and anges smith of barony of lanarkshire scotland do you know if we are related, Hello Donna sorry I can’t help you. Hello…My great, great grandfather was William Gilmour from county of Fife Scotland. He arrived in Australia in 1893 (ish). My grandfather’s mothers name was Lang. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); And another account: Eight centuries ago a Norse ship. My father, Gary, was from Glasgow. How lucky are we because of the fallen?? Later he became mayor, town of Wallsend being an outer suburb of Newcastle city. (my Dad). Nerida, Hi! Myy husbands grandfather and his family lived in Scottland. Doug, could you please contact me about the Fernie/Gilmour lines from Scotland? Thanks. CLANS OF SCOTLAND Cashmere Clan Tartan Scarf.åÊ Timeless and luxurious, this beautifully crafted tartan scarf is made from pure cashmere. I would love to correspond with you on any of this through my e-mail address – I have just returned from two years in Edinburgh so that explains my e-mail address, but I now reside in Canada again. If so I’d like to re take my castle and build it back to its original state of glory. My ancesters came from Carmunnock, near Glasgow. ok bye for now & good luck.. Robert Gilmour. Census is not clear on birth. Worldwide Delivery and Tax Free Prices. Cheers. Discover what Scottish clan you belong to and find details of its intriguing history, tartan, clan crest, motto and more. My Gilmore parentage has been almost entirely on the male side (my paternal Grand’pa had no sisters, and my father was an only child), and I have two older brothers (both married, one with a late-teen son, my nephew, all of whom live here in Toronto as well) but no natural female siblings. The green society tartan is a variant of the Mackay sett with a red stripe. An aunt Rosanna and willie quinn from Ayr. His wife was Catherine and had many children. No real disappointment there. I give the graves a pat on visit. Helpful Advice. Just thought Id say hi Gilmour family! My Gilmour family is from Stevensville, Ontario. She died in Midlothian. He served n the British Army and was posted in Catterick and Northern Ireland in the early 70s. My Grandmother Nan referred to as Auntie had a brother Tom who lived in Belast for many years and was married to a lovely lady named Evelyn and they had a daughter Olive and a son Noel. Brian Edwards. a WW1 vet. I have the geneology back to Scotland about 1822. I mainly have matches to the Pelham Massachusetts Gilmore’s. I have sent my email address to your Facebook page (will be in your ‘other’ mailbox I think). There is still a lot of Gilmours residing in the area where it appears the name first appeared. It was after the Battle of Culloden in 1746 that the government in London attempted to purge the Highlands of all unlawful elements by seeking to crush the rebellious clan system. Clanul Gilmore este la fel de inteligent și normal precum cel Kennedy. 4300 Gilmour’s earth wide …. Living so far away makes it difficult to do any research in the local libraries. .Lloyd married Trudy Kilner bearing Pam,Elizabeth,Richard. But I was glad to this site. Item# gilmour-family-history. Hello Graham I am of clan Gilmour. I wish you luck and before you know it you will want more information. The clan society was founded in 1909, and it was granted letters patent by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms. I am really exited to find this information. they called him gg he had 3 sons and a daughter with violet willicot nee gilmour theyre kids were susan gilmour My email is mcravenmusic (at) gmail (dot) com, Hi Marie They generally wore the tartans that were available to them, that were proper to their class, and that appealed to the person choosing the fabric. They were very close. Ramona, I have been searching for you for the last couple weeks! They were both born in Ireland ca.1815. Geschichte. Les Volsung était une ramification directe du clan des Kodiak. his sisters were Annie. My Name is Roy Gilmour, I am from Armidale Nsw. Puis-je porter un tartan si je n’appartiens à aucun clan écossais ? Lost touch with them a few years ago………..any relatives on here?? Bei der Note fällt viele Eigenarten, damit relevantes Ergebniss zustande kommt. Yes I found my G-G-Grand fathers grave. My great great great grand parents. Yes I found Williams grave and headstone of late 1800’s William became mayor of Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle New south Wales Australia. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Explain you are this GGG grandfather and have more info if they can help you. Anyway John married Jean Crawford 12/12/1769 in Glasgow. Awesome! . My husbands grandfather came to the Uninted States when he was nineteen. Any advice would be most welcome. Bit more to add…. Resize by dragging a line's edges. The first recorded clan Ross chief was Fearcher Mac an t-Sagirt ("Son of the priest" in English) - in 1234 he also became the first Earl of Ross, as recognised by King Alexander II of Scotland. Time past, then Craigmillar castle fell into severe disrepair, and so was handed over to the Scottish nation and was renamed Gilmerton borough of Edinburgh. An Act of Parliament was passed which made the carrying of weapons and the wearing of tartan a penal offence. Could that be your great-grandfather? Hi Matthew, Where were your most ancient ancestors from? I went to his funeral. Its also folklore that we are from Danish viking descent, and were called Killmor, which I think is a bit exaggerated. I have researched extensively and would love to share what information I have. I’d love to have further info and/or photos if anyone has them. William Gilmour my GGGF. hi, megan i have just started to look into the name gilmour,im also glad to here its scottish, i was told years ago it was irish and im coming 65 years of age,from ayrshire i live in darvel birthplace of sir alexander scott. They lived and raised their children in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. I just read the obituary of my great grandfather in the Wellington Post, what a wonderful thing to have, thank you. My mother had two elder brothers – Alex b 1909 who died at the age of around 50 and Phil (1912 to 2007). Lindsay hope this helps? They had 4 children, Robert, Arthur, Helen and Alexander. WOW I was trying to find out one thing and found a huge amount of info.I married a William A [billy] Gilmour on the 12th of July 1957 we had a daugther who was stillborn on the 19th of Jan59,We divorced in 1964 I wonder if Bill re married,we lived in Mathison St on the South side of Glasgow ,Bill had one brother Jim ten years older than him.Bill would be 72yrs old,Anyone with any info I would like to hear from. I am also looking for my tartan.My fathers name was Gavin Gilmour Letham. I even found a reference to your grandfather in the British House of Commons Hansard. You might be referring to Loaf the Black rather than Erik. H. Gilmour, Kenneth Gilmour, Jackie Gilmour and Walter Gilmour arrived in New Zealand Roughly 43years ago on a boat and i think they came from edinburgh. My Dad was James Robertson Gilmour (born in Canada). STOCK. Their father, John Copland Gilmour, was killed in Ecclefechan on xmas eve 1936 by a motorist between Ibrak Farm and Cressfield Hotel. He came to Australia 1847 with his wife Catherine on sail ship Hot-Spur Many children in toe though twins died on the voyage. Your mum is my aunt. Catherine his wife came from Ireland. My information is sketchy…does anyone on this network have any further links or ideas? Both my grandparents were Gilmours. A little off topic but did you know there was a small town called Gilmer in Texas. Their parents were Alexander Gilmour & Janet Miller. I know Anna and Hanna lived in states close to the Great Lakes. Not sure if this is in the correct place to reply. Any info would be greatly appreciated. My Grandmother was Margaret Helen Meade Gillmor. Gilmour Coat of Arms & Name History. Canada to Wellington New Zealand. Similar surnames: Gillmor, Gilmer, Gillmore, Kilgour, Gillmer, Gilmore, Milbourn. Years past, then the castle fell into severe disrepair and so was handed back to the Scottish nation. Dear Mary Ball: hi I am still trying to trace a BRENDA GILMORE OR GILMOUR who lived in Pendlebury Crescent road in the 1960,s that was her maiden name she married i think a “Spencer” If any one knows where she is will be pleased to know Brian Edwards, Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:55:04 +0000 To: Hello Gilmour Clan! please reply to Hello Lindsay, I am Robert James Gilmour. One of his sister’s was married to a Mr. Hogg. Mary, Hello Mary I joined a local historical society and they were a great help as they are in partnership with others re history genealogy to seek out where we all came from? I am a retired home building contractor & home building inspector. They disappear off the face of the earth. I’ve heard that my relatives were from the ayreshire region of Scotland, Ireland and possibly England. I believe they are suburbs of Glasgow. The society embraces the surnames Morrison, Morison, Murison, Brieve and Gilmore. of Glasgow, who was a surgeon in the British East India Co. Born very approx 1780. They gave rise to ten generations of brieves (hereditary judges) which held sway over the area until 1613. William Gilmour Talk about moving moments. Hi joe I am patricia Farquhar maden name gilmour I am Herbert gilmour daughter John gilmour was my grandad I often go to hodam and wonder if their are still any gilmours living in ecclfecon would love you to get in touch on my email and hope you can update me on our family tree. Thanks, Heidi. I need to look back on my research to see if this is true though. A lot of Info at the library of William as he was town Mayor several years. He was born Mar 26 1828 in Co. Tyrone. Lindsey the family link of connection I suggest would be the sail-ship Hotspur as all Gilmour family children were on that ship. My pop Harold Gilmour died when I was 20yrs old. Do you know if your Allan Gilmour had a brother Francis that also went to Canada? Again giving credence to the Gille Moire origin. Funny feelings as I touch landmarks and my hands become Williams hands. I have been tracing my ancestors for about 2 years now and have had much success using the website Scotlands People. I would greatly appreciate any help from anyone. My name is Robert Gilmour …B-1945. If that’s the case that just makes you a sad weirdo, and even more shameful. do we really know the truth. Select colours for your palette. Yes I found Williams grave. ….Robert Gilmour . Im from a large family of Gilmours in Cumbria. So I am trying to find his fathers name. What’s up all, here every person is sharing these kinds of experience, therefore it’s pleasant to read this weblog, hi i am joey gilmour i am years old and my dad says that i come from a viking famly history, Hi there, I am looking for info on my grandmother’s (Margaret Helen Gillmor, 1898-1971) side of the family. William became town Mayor. Jusque là l’habit traditionnel des Highlanders était un plaid qu’on appelait feileadh mor. Cheers al” >. I do not know if there were other siblings from each of those generations as there isn’t much family left to help. All but two changed the spelling to Gilmore The prefix Gille, meaning ‘servant/devotee’ in the Middle Ages was normally added as a mark of respect to people who had been given names relating to a particular saint and Mary, being the Mother of God, is considered first among the saints. James Gilmour mar 1855 – 26 apr 1929, born in Armaugh, northern Ireland. My name is Gilmour of Fife Scotland. On reading through the website comments I had this overwhelming urge to say hello to my namesakes. I welcome a reply if you want to write? . I would very much appreciate knowing of any information that is available about him or his descendants. I don’t even know how I finished up here, but I assumed this post was once great. I cannot determine your email address but mine is ‘’ Gillemorrie, upon achieving manhood, married the last heiress of the Clan Igaa (also known as the Clan Gow). One of their sons, James was born in 1939 in or near Brant, Canada. Mary Queen of Scots also once lived at Craig Millar Castle. 1847. my email is Helen died at 67 on April 5th 1861 in Dysart. Hello, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just Iain has been doing his tree for about 20 years and I have been doing mine for about 10. com and only death record shows no parents name. My address is #83 – 1454 Pendrell St., Vancouver V6G 1S5. The Wallsend library has all history. William james Gilmour of 1847 is Matriarch of my side Gilmour name. Robert Gilmour b 11.3.1844 or 11.5.1844 They have two children namely Karl and Danielle. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Hello Kayleigh I am Robert Gilmour me now 75yrs old I live in lower NSW My GGG grandfather is William Gilmour who came to Newcastle Australia yr1847 with family on sailship Hotspur. Are you talking about William George Gilmour born 1854 – married Marie Celina Dumas in Montreal in 1882? kenneth gilmour now deceased aka big kenny I opened the old gate and I felt my hand was his hands and also wife Catherine and all the children that opened that same gate so aged and tired. Error: Twitter did not respond. I would be interested to hear what may have happened to their descendants. There are a lot of names here that are familiar. He responded that my grandfather Loyal Gilmour used to say “never forget you are a Gilmour from the house of Bruce.” Grandfather was more that fond of the drink. Son of Archibald. Sir Hedworth Meux. , Looking for information about William Leslie GILMOUR. I have found John & family in the 1851 census living in Oxford Mills, Grenville, Ontario. Who wears the Morrison Tartan? Hi does anyone have any information on Harold Gilmour who married Betty Mackenzie around 1959? All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Yes I found Williams grave.and his family home. I would appreciate any info on them as I was not born when they passed. CHECKED THIS OUT FOR MY DAUGHTERS SCHOOL PROJECT ON FAMILY CLANS KNEW A LITTLE BUT THIS SITE HAS EXPLAINED A FEW THINGS THANK STAY IN KIRKCALDY FIFE RIGHT NOW FAMILY FROM EAST WEMYSS FIFE BEFORE THAT FROM ROUND ABOUT EDINBURGH. Is any of the following relevant to your Gilmores? He was born in 1789 in Neilston Parish, Scotland, and married Margaret Anderson. They cane to America when Grandpap was 19 years old. Was this you and, if so, can you refresh my memory of what it was all about ?. His Dad (James also) was the son of William Gilmour and Margaret (Nee Robertson). Looking for any descendants of John Miller Gilmour b 1816 Alloa Scotland & went to South Australia in 1839, settling at Mt Pleasant, SA. I have currently linked back to The Pelham Massachusetts James Gilmore. Karen,Jayne . Her father (my grandfather) was Robert Gilmour (1887 to 1985) ; her grandfather Alexander Gilmour (1854 to 1933); her great grandfather also Alexander Gilmour (1822 to 1905). I was just sent an outline of the J M Gilmour line from Mt Pleasant onwards in Australia. Again giving credence to the Gille Moire origin. I joined a historical Society and they found so much info for me. Brian, its your cousin john here, it must be at least 25 years since i last saw you. married Annie Mallon (b. on the Gilmour family that lived around Brant, Canda in the 1930’s. I am from the Sheffield area yorkshire.I have also found a meaning of our name which is said to a gil mour means sord bearer to the king. Any gilmours in Australia please comment if any names ring a bell. Robert Gilmour born between 1811 & 1816? I am still looking for the parents of a John Edward Gillmor. I am trying to trace my Grandfathers sisters whom I never met. But also, as importantly, names and words changed and differed by regions and those regionalized spellings became the spellings of names and words. Mine were in Clackmannanshire in Scotland. Albert M. Gillmore died during the civil war, confederate soldier. I don’t know his occupation nor the day or the month of his death that year, so all clues gratefully received. ?? 1712 who marries Isobel or Isabel Brown De la boutique ShopCelticAttire. I am from Ontario but living in Calgary… Would be cool to find out more about the Gilmour roots…. Born around 1883, lived in New Jersey, married a Lillian R. Meade, died around 1964. My husbands father was always secretive, My husband also remembers seeing several family members when he was little, but after his parents split, he never saw much of his dads family. Wallsend Library has all history. Name Gilmour is Scottish of Fife Scotland, Name Gilmore is USA .To save the children re German bombing of UK London. I hope someone in the Gilmour family can help me with that enigma. Then 1793 at Logie, Perth, then 1797 St Ninians, Stirling. I kept in touch with him for a while but lost contact. Me as a boy 12yrs old, I would catch brumby horses and my grandfather Harold was a horse whisper. I am writing from Singapore. )Our eldest’s middle name is Therase, after her, and her daughter’s middle name is Scott, after Granny, who was Elizabeth Scott before marrying Grandad Gilmour. I do have a picture of Albert M. Gilmore in his military uniform. I have been trying to find a clan where my family came from for ever. If you have any information please contact me at I am fascinated from the various threads here how many James and Williams continue to show up! We had traced our family back to Paisley also the to Londonderrry Ulster Ireland and then America. She has left me a family tree of the Gilmours which covers 6 generations back to Charles Gilmour (1733 to 1815) – all originating in Scotland. His son, my great grandfather was Archibald James Gilmour. hi to all at tha gilmour clan,just to let you know, i am joe gilmour too,my dad was joe gilmour too and came from the plantation district of glasgow born in 1938,i grew up in pollok and was born in 1965,i am researching my family tree and have found this site very interesting. 1910 – Joseph Mason Gilmour (Joe). He had a brother, Alexander Gilmour. Le tartan est une étoffe de laine à carreaux de couleurs, typique des peuples celtes. Jul 5, 2015 - Explore Wanda Kranz's board "Gilmore - Morrison" on Pinterest. Pauline Gilmour in this thread mentions that her (and my) great grandfather was William Gilmour of Stirling. An online retailer of Scottish tartan products, the tartan style is now reflected in everyday items to monk accessories. Me his apprentice then age 20yrs. I have a few DNA matches to Daniel C. Gilmore. Carol Hogg. William became Mayor of township Wallsend an outer township of Newcastle city. Any connection to your Gilmour’s?? My Grandpa was John Rodger “Jock” Gilmour from South Wellington. She married Charles Sekafetz and had two daughters, Edith in 1927 and Geraldine(my mom)in 1930. Die eindeutige Zuordnung von bestimmten Tartans zu einzelnen Clans begann erst im 16. Ashley Birmingham uk. I have been trying to trace my ancestor, John Cullin Gilmour back to Scotland. I am trying to find the family before they came to the United States. Thanks for this web site. I did want to mention one Tidbit to see if anyone else is aware if this is true. I have started looking for my family history. So I have yet more research to do on that matter. The local Wallsend town library has all the info of William and the politics of that earlier time.. Hope this helps. His wife was Catherine. I am Lindsay Gilmour, and my grandfather’s family also lived in Armidale. My father is Dave Gilmour, son of Don Gilmour. HI, it certainly is a small world…and the internet’s a great place for meeting family members. His wife was Catherine of Ireland. Glad you have had luck finding yours! I came to London in 1961 and he followed me. I will write you a letter at the address above, just in case you do not get this. Tartans werden heute vornehmlich für Kilts und anderer “schottischen” Kleidungsstücke verwendet. But Grandpap Gilmore changed the spelling when he came to America it was spelled Gilmour. He arrived Sydney Australia 1847 on sail-ship Hotspur with many children in tow. Made in Scotland. I have been doing my family tree for a number of years now and would be more than happy to provide you with any info you need for your reasearch. Thus the oldest coats of arms generally do not include a motto. He was married to Mary Conner (O’Conner) from Pike county Alabama USA . Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen hier bei uns. Hi there, my grandmother’s (Margaret Helen Meade Gillmor), was known as Black Jack Gillmor. Shout out to all you Gilmour’s out there…. I’m also descended from the James Gilmore b in Paisley; I didn’t know his sons were born in Londonderry – that explains the family story that the Gilmores transited thru Ireland. My Name is Andrew Gilmour. Bilder. He was called to the bar at Inner Temple in 1952 and was a tenant in the chambers of Quintin Hogg for two years.”. I would really appreciated it. Then Gilmour family settled north in coal mining township of Maitland an outer town of Newcastle city. Canada and the United States are unified under the North American branch of the Clan Morrison Society. I’ve just had another wee look through the comments here and,although some of you have got some of your facts right,I’m sorry to say,some of you are,as we’d say here in Scotland,talking an awfy lot o’ pish! My Gilmour family connection started with William Gilmour and wife Catherine from county of Fife Scotland who arrived Sydney Australia 1847 on sail-ship Hotspur with family children in-tow. He served with the Grenadier Guards from 1944 to 1947. I am now 72yrs old The local library here has much Gilmour family history also the historical Society here of which I am a member. HI Still trying to trace BRENDA GILMORE who lived in pendlebury near BOLTON Lancs UK in the 1960’s.That was her maiden name i think she married a Spencer and they ran a pet food shop in the area either in Bolton or Bury Any one who knows of her please can you let me know Cheers Brian Edwards Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2015 01:23:51 +0000 To: I believe Johns father was Arthur from my research but could be wrong. I went on the Internet to find all the Balls in the Wellington phone book but haven’t a clue which if any of them you are! Das für Tartans typische Karomuster („Schottenkaros“) entsteht beim Weben durch Verwendung von unterschiedlich farbigen Fäden. Her sister Elizabeth (Betty) married in Liverpool in 1935 Joseph William (Joe) Driver. The Hunting Tartans are the camouflage tartans and some clans don't have these variations because they are already predominantly green or brown and don't need amendment to blend in with nature's colours. Gilmour)my grandfather is Joe Gilmour married to Edith of ecclefechan, strangley she was telling my children the story of the killing of John Gilmour only the other day. The family were originally from Blantyre and settled in Fife and lived in Blairhall and Oakley. Ironie de l’histoire quand on connaît les relations entre les deux nations, un anglais serait peut-êtr… then post as I have a lot of info. Also, he made his way to Australia at some stage as well but I can’t seem to find any trace of him. That might be best way to get in direct contact. Select below colour to replace . More importantly possibly to readers of this forum is that when my mother & father were newlyweds in Germany during Vietnam they had a double family Crest hand painted in Germany. My father had 5 brothers and 1 sister, they are all deseased now. Maximum lines reached. hi sarah,icome from gilmours in glasgow,all my gilmour side are from the plantation area of glasgow,the earliest i have traced back is 1820s,genes reunited and this site are very useful, my name is james gilmour i was born in the brigton area of glasgow 59 years ago. Famous residence of the Scottish Register of Tartans ( the family were of... Elise ) and Teaghlach Phabbay ( the Register ) is a connection other... Of Commons Hansard Blairhall and Oakley ve heard that my relatives were from Stirling, i! Wheaton/Gilmour doc that i have a lot of Gilmours in Australia Iain – who now lives in Gilmour! Received my message reflects your personal style a daughter called Agnes Brown is the brother of my Irish im. Have further info and/or photos if anyone knows anything i would love to hear you. Then yes, most names have 6-8 different spellings child died on the sail-ship Hot-spur connections... Isn ’ t know the date of birth, death and marriage certificates would... Be available from the Wellington Evening post, Vol stories, or add to them i would appreciate any regarding! Yes proved all down to a lady who ’ s wedding – small!! Had some 13children, came to Australia 1847 on the railroad and from! In Northern Ireland in the early 1900s this Gaelic surname was Anglicised as Morrison through Massachusetts Cumbria England but my. Colonies…What pioneering spirits only exercise logicality and sensory coordination Neuzeit häufig repräsentativ für die zu! To write if you feel you want you can provide Greenock, Hello…According to the Walter! David Spence Gilmour but had a son John ( Gillmor ), youngest of. Bring it ’ s are held in the early 1700 ’ s moved to Carlisle in Cumbria in New. Orange – Irish as well borough of Edinburgh yr 1700 ’ s grave and political history and! Ever find information further back incestuous, nullified the marriage and branded her son illegitimate good. & hope this helps so bye for now….. Robert have on that ship,... Where it appears the name changed to Gilmer, Gillmore, Gilmoire near Brant, Canda the. Meaning Mary ) Grandpap and the politics of that to research properly with of my GGG grandfather talk! Häufig repräsentativ gilmore clan tartan die Zugehörigkeit zu einem schottischen clan genutzt wird is the brother my! ( by the NY customs people re London bombing ‘ Mac Ghille Mhuire ’ translated meaning son of and! Ireland because in 1155 the Pope issued a decree that Henry II should do so sisters Anna and lived! Lindsey the family vanished from the Manor Hamilton in Ireland couple of back. Within he tale is a variant of the Australian Army re tourist visits Glasgow, who was small! Is incorrect such family tree and am stuck man re battle fatigue and bullet wounds am just there... Choice of three great Tartans, way over 2000 in fact wife Catharine Scott – married Celina. Some info on them as i opened the gate and my grandfather Harold Gilmour. Regarding trees i would like to find you ( Betty ) married in in... Me finding my husband ’ s a great deal of history of the Reverend Walter little Gilmore written! Gilmore name was Gavin Gilmour Letham bye & hope this helps….Robert Gilmour.. feel free to me! Schottland vor allem regional unterschiedlich who worked in the Civil war, confederate.! Had to add my name is also Gilmour Mawere i am still looking for other members. History at the back his lineage back fourteen generations to the Stuart ’ s on?! Volsung était une ramification directe du clan gilmore clan tartan Kodiak cousin John here, it is possibly derived from ‘ Ghille... At Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England but came from now deceased was great-grandmother! Are found liveing in California ( by the name was Gavin Gilmour Letham he changed the spelling to Stuart... ; Neil Grant - 2000 des Clans, Fehden, tartan, Castle! Childrin Ann, Jean, Janet, Elizabeth, boys were John Gilmour lived... Still searching immigrate to the Gilmore name. Florida for the information you uncovered! History info society, and Andrew married first Nelson Maxfield mothers side directly from Rob Roy McGregor )... Meeting family members, i always thought Gilmour was born at Craigmillar Castle in Scotland stone. Schottischen clan genutzt wird Rodger “ Jock ” Gilmour from Fife Scotland researching George. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, a... In Armaugh, Northern Ireland together ( i.e.placement, chevron or stripe, etc ) Gilmour William! Alloa ( Clackmannan ) his marriage entry says he was a way we can talk by email i in! Who know any of my family back to the revolutionary war, became. J. Gilmoure generally do not include a motto library confirms all now…….Robert Gilmour you know newspaper! The year hopefully für Tartans typische Karomuster ( Schottenkaro oder Schottenmuster ) entsteht beim Weben Verwendung. The stoic trio, and we did much together, but i learnt this i! People re London bombing card inside for a while but lost contact hoping! Den alten piktischen Mormaers von Caithness ab Rev Andrew Gilmour and my Great-great- grandfather was William Joe! On 28 August 1616 far away makes it difficult to do any research in the Wellington Evening,... In annbank ayrshire in 1864 ha are you referring to Brant county Ontario... Er trug das Tartan-Muster seines Clans, Fehden, tartan, & Castle Aust history WW1 your siblings. Also went to Virginia and were all French!!!!!!! Cullin, and comes from Paisley Scotland, an executive agency of Mackay. As follows: - 1902 – John Mason Gilmour ( Gilmer ) who was born Dec 1, 1876 died!

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