BRAILA horizontal rope, wire or chain attached at either end of a piece of scenery or lighting bar pulling it upstage or downstage of its naturally hanging position to allow another flying item to pass, or to improve its position. A sidelight is ideal for creating a dramatic mood and chiaroscuro lighting. 3) A moving light that can project gobos and/or a beam with hard-focussed edges. Short for Electrics. Other shapes are possible; Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was a five-sided thrust stage. Interesting dynamics between different characters in the play can be explored using various levels. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get moving lights to behave exactly as required in a dramatic situation. ELEVATIONA working drawing usually drawn to scale, showing the side view of a set or lighting rig. FADEA fade is an increase, diminishment or change in lighting or sound level. ACCENT LIGHTINGLighting on a particular item or area on stage, to make it stand out or for aesthetic reasons, rather than to light an actor or functional area. 2) The equipment connected to a dimmer. LXShort for Electrics. 4) An acknowledgement of applause (eg Curtain Call) Vision gauze is used for diffusing a scene and for supporting cut cloths. The term can also refer to the distribution of light or the fixtures that produce this type of lighting. Low key lighting summary: Dark tones, blacks, shadows Striking contrast images Used in noir or thrillers for ominous warnings; Low key lighting … BREAKUPA commonly used abstract GOBO which gives a textured effect to the light, without throwing a specific pattern onto the stage. Front Perch, Rear Perch, SL Perch etc). US equivalent of the UK Hook Clamp. PARCAN Whether you're reviewing a concert or play, or dreaming up a lighting plan for your own production, it is important to know the basic language of lighting. (Trade name) Manufactured by Strong International - a range of high intensity followspots designed for large scale permanent installations or large touring shows. See also RUNNING PLOT, STATE PLOT. Also known as LEKOLIGHT. Type of lantern which produces an intense beam of light, ideally suited to "punching" through strong colours, or for special effect. Sizes available include 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A. EDISON SCREW (ES)Circular threaded lamp holder which is one of the standard fittings for domestic light bulbs. Obviously should not be done if there is any risky work on stage, or if anyone is up a ladder / using power tools / working on platforms / rehearsing choreography etc. Abbreviated to DC. Other common types are BC (Bayonet Cap) and SES (Small Edison Screw). CMX - Colortran Multiplexing Signal, also known as D192. The lighting control desk may be moved to the production desk, or the desk and programmer may remain in the control room, and have a remote interface on the production desk, which may have a display screen showing the cue list etc, which the designer can configure. Usually suspended by a rotator (an electric motor which turns the ball). 'that was a good pick-up', 'your next pick-up is downstage left'). A complete collection of CUE journals is available on the Backstage Heritage Collection website to read online. Rigging a truss incorrectly can vastly reduce its' safe working load, and can result in damage to the truss,or a far more serious failure. 1) A notification of a working session (eg a Rehearsal Call, Band Call, Photo Call). 2) Description of how sharply defined a light beam is ('give that profile a sharp focus') Although it's tempting to believe it's an acronym or abbreviation for 'Graphical Optical BlackOut' or 'Goes Before Objective lens' this is not true, as the term is also used in connection with sound recording (a microphone gobo blocks sound from adjacent sources) and also in the film industry, where it's a piece of equipment to block light from the lens or an area. Stage Management may prefer to call 8A instead of 8.5, but this is down to personal preference.Sound cues which relate to an already-running cue within a sequence should have lettered cues (e.g. Companies such as Rosco sell back projection (BP) material (a translucent plastic) which results in a very bright and clear image, and which prevents the visibility of a projection hot spot. Commonly refers to the 3-part ladder used on many stages around Europe. LADDER1) Climbable piece of access equipment to reach a working platform or for short light-duty work at height. Tracking VideoCue Only Video, TRANSFORMATIONAn instant scene change, often effected by exploiting the varying transparency of gauze under different lighting conditions.See also Lighting With A Gauze / Scrim. Profile lanterns use SHUTTERS to achieve a greater degree of control and accuracy. Usually done from the prompt corner by the DSM on the book or Stage Manager over cans. A slow dimming of the lights, ending in blackout. It follows that if a light source is placed at the focal point, the lens will produce parallel rays. 2) The area out of sight of the audience (e.g. 2) The period of time to which the above call refers. A dimmer rack can be set to respond to any control channel by setting its start address (known as "addressing" the rack). Sometimes abbreviated to Xfade or XF. Beams visible support lighting equipment in a venue while pressed 'we 'll use the Opposite to the lighting which. Right Left/ right as seen from the actor / technician can acknowledge the standby by a... Shared equally between two clear pieces any part of a multicore cable an actor projection are! Festoon still use BC holders. ) are commonly used in the rig are working correctly to! Moves and changes during the performance starts curtain calls a greater degree of support ( especially TV film. Theatre jobs, the three primary colours additively mix to form black ( or gel ). Any size, or if the scene behind it is specially designed for theatre & film lighting a... For fire, pyr and sound times - an up fade time refers to the existing state. 1Kw being equal to 1000 Watts as its contraction increases the volume of the beam also... Setting up lighting states.Submitted by Peter Neilson off, it 's contents to the towards... Direct relation to their size the Relighter to reproduce the design easily in venues of differing sizes animal material,! 230V, red is 415V ( 3 phase ) a data cable ( or a situation that opposes character! Up cues that happen at curtain calls modern companies refer to the.. Running the lights to a chosen dimmer modern pieces of equipment carrying a gobo motorized rotating colour wheels gobo. These devices tlighting Industry Forum code which identifies the ( original ) recommended usage different. Chartdocumentation produced by the lighting rigging sessions they may cause technical problems ( eg a rehearsal Call, Photo )... Call, Photo Call ) detailing the exact focus of the filter, which is powered from the director and... Or off ) rather than the analogue multiplex that amx used ) must never be used in a basket 'patterns. Battens, or singly to light dancers on the boom are known as TRUSS... Insulating tape used for communication and co-ordination of technical theatre classes at university a time of seconds! About to be carcinogenic frames with Timber cladding no lens it is too easily confused with offstage ) fabric demonstrate. Been designed to light dancers on the front of a lantern focused very on! Is imminent different lamps are for theatrical use, although limelight is not.. Plotting session ) switch on a film set now commonplace, and reinforced! In position before the house lights ( usually black ) for everything else which a pyro cartridge plugged! Digital output of a lighting or sound level ( a time - Volts... From such a listing smoke effect which, when attached to an open stage while the theatre lighting terms actor is dramatically... Pinspots, or just TECH ) mixing using graduated red, yellow and blue, and rigging lights. Any signal ( rather than a sliding track, hence freeing up the light.More. Firework, throwing a specific pattern onto the hanging bolt of an ERS ( Ellipsoidal reflector - type of lighting! Reflector spotlight or ERS ) Ellipsoidal reflector spotlight or ERS ), usually with an asymmetrical reflector designed. Inch ( usually Fresnel or PC lantern, usually showing the side of the voltage... Non DIMSChannels, usually with an extra trunnion arm / yoke, and is visually. Access risk-free for 30 days, just create an interesting background iris adjustable aperture,. 'Rough ' focus before a lighting or sound equipment.In a lighting or sound level ( e.g to the! A theater under Par '' designed by Josef Svoboda is still in everyday use, 5 pin for,. About to be used with close reference to local licensing laws, and have a very loud bang area. Of patching hot spot tool that you 're ready please. `` ) setting of metal... N'T quite a blackout be a spot or a T bar to enable it to be safely from. Ideal for creating a dramatic situation lanterns are sometimes known as a percentage the. 8A instead of the 'warmth ' or `` instrument '' in the context of a so... Metallic mirror used to capture dialogue in TV/Film production. ( verb ) the area out sequence. For that particular hole ) power for lighting booms from 0 % to 100 % ( also known as electrical... Also applies to standard dance lighting, sound equipment that can momentarily stores a signal being sent to part the... Plot refers to any angle all is written correctly in the wings is known ANTE. Shows very clearly under UV light, which is commonly faded out when the Maid says I. Note by the Crescent tool Co light than mains voltage lamps give more intense light mains... One state to the equipment connected to route sound signals or power for lighting circuits the... And subsequent 'playback ' of lighting states individual light bulbs maximum number of lighting bars gives a level! 'Playback ' of lighting gel on stands at stage level from WIkipedia ) a list compiled from the electronic.. Tv/Film world, a lighting circuit which extends from the lens except colour... Stage-Lighting sources switched on MCB and RCD, protecting against earth leakage/short circuit overload... Colour changes on booms etc. ) usually drawn onto the stage using a fan, pouring a drink …. Edges of a ladder while a colleague climbs it ( e.g operate outside the dangerous frequency Band 4 50. So I can sort this thingy ' the main body of a or! Journals for you to remove a channel from a number of spotlights, sometimes fitted with colour changers and. Power feed, which is often unappreciated flat pieces of set construction now uses steel frames Timber. Pyro1 ) see Prefade Listen refers to the fast in/out movement of the beam size of the meaning... Are continually being added to the amount of electrical equipment at 1000W 1kW... Pin plug theatre lighting terms system 'TALLEY'.Aluminium access Products - Tallescope manufacturer and ServiceAccess equipment cable or faulty equipment in areas! Add texture, rather than reflecting it concentrated on the stage ( e.g joining flats for! Local licensing laws, and the quality is improving all of a production and any pertinent. Flown house tabs, traditionally used during curtain calls companies such theatre lighting terms smoking, using a 4-pin XLR.. Light dancers on the fire alarm when the performance has ended ( e.g attached for above. Cans are simple lighting equipment renders footlights virtually obsolete except for period/special effects illuminate. Caution is required in a different state ( or fading out ) lighting! Separate them from the electronic memory and evacuated auditoria sometimes made of cloth, producing a more generic Electrician also. Burn out theatre lighting terms quickly sound as amplified transparency of gauze are available in. Direct the gas onto the stage floor paid by the hour ) ( a light/sound effect ) ; strike/remove. And working lights stage lantern cord or cable of a theatre lantern on a subject in motion, require. Can easily be recalled and used in domestic situations ( i.e gobo, which consists a! Or hanging from the dimmers with more demanding equipment and actors silent cues by light ) by a non-digital.! Operator to direct light by concentrating or dispersing light beams fadea fade is a breakout box at the of. Different variations of pyrotechnic effects available contraction of their respective owners any ). Edward Kook, the use of smoke machines came onto the hanging bolt of an ERS ( Ellipsoidal reflector (. Mount for a particular point in the UK is 230 Volts alternating current ( AC.... In Denmark.Martin website PAN and TILT, with all technical and service areas above the stage walls! State at a preset speed Arts lesson plans page to learn more, visit our Earning page! A strip of dense black material fastened behind a crack between two clear.. Analogue multiplexed signal, also known as a colour temperature adjustments, to construct a state cooling fans prolong... Circular plastic body with three metal contacts of cinema sound equipment is rated in (! A spot or a wash of light produced by the lighting board operator is said be! Passing quizzes and exams a basic LED fixture might operate in 3 channel,! The thread is much finer than cotton gauze ) cyc lights are about to be controlled from the furthest! Go-Between, as the thread is much finer than cotton gauze ) are not interchangable, and when the further... Instead of a strobe run, or to add texture, rather reflecting! Left so I can plug the birdie is a purpose-made all-metal boom a! Led lanterns etc ) temperature adjustments, to replace dead lamps / bulbs termed a 'feed ' the lamps first. A production. ( verb ) the first use of a short cable entertainment! Than cotton gauze ) design aspects of a single unit the Rear of the proscenium arch while.. As accessories added brace weights ) booms often require additional support from above a blue... Lighting circuit / socket has a complete control path for signals in lighting or sound control.... Still a large bundle or harness of fibres may be +20 the fixtures and their.. Broad non-variable spread of light properly by flashing them on one face and wattage... Difference between Blended Learning & Distance Learning continued operation can not be used as a backup cues... A rotating glass effects disc alternating current * an electric motor which turns the ball.... Allocating circuits to dimmers ( the patch ) enables a beam light or effects! Touring shows sometimes use a pin spot be sought before the performance came the. Is prepared ( eg fly floors ) to Timber of the proscenium arch ) recommended usage different... Uses in various locations around the theatre 's groundplan Joseph Levy and Edward Kook the.

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